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Dear friends! Thank you very much for your reviews! They make us happy and show that we are doing the right things. We will continue to give warmth and joy, we will continue to grow. Wait for us in other countries! And see you in the Dominican Republic!
With love, Bounty Moments Team
Here you can check some of the reviews that have been copied from our social media pages. See the links below for more reviews.

May 29, 2022 Olga & Sergey

Photo shoot on Saona Island

Hi, I want to tell about our trip to the Dominican Republic where we were in February 2022!! It was an unforgettable vacation and honeymoon!! I want to express my deep gratitude to Kiryll and Maxim! Thanks to their work, we can remember this vacation every day with a smile and warmth, we are very grateful to you for a wonderful trip to the island and for wonderful photos !! They are just cool! And for organizing the day!! you are very sincere guys and I want to return to you 🙂 if we will be in the Dominican Republic again … We will go anywhere only with you! Good luck!

Ps. We were very worried when we were looking for a photographer being in another country, and even for wedding photos … But we didn’t even have to bring a dress, the guys have everything! Which is very nice! In general, we are very lucky with you 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH!

March 3, 2022 Maria & Tim

Civil wedding on Bounty Beach
Photo shoot on Redonda Mount & El Limon Beach
Photo shoot on Bavaro Beach

If I could give 10 stars, I would like to put more 🙂

We became friends when the guys organized our wedding in Punta Cana. Everything was so clearly arranged that we could only be beautiful and enjoy the process. The photos and videos we got after the wedding were just amazing!


Therefore, three months later, I called to Kiryll again – I wanted to surprise my husband with a special post-wedding ceremony. And again, everything was done in the best possible way, with several photo shoots on the beach and on the mountain, despite the fact that I had special wishes in the form of beads from fresh wreaths, which had to be kept secret until the last 🙂


And after a couple of months I asked Kiryll to shoot a videoclip for my new project. And here’s what I want to say: every time I’m delighted with the result! So I want to be friends with these guys for a very long time! Thank you for everything!

January 16, 2022 Dima & Valeri

Photo shoot on Saona Island

I want to express my deep gratitude to the Bounty Moments team.

Excellent organization and just cool guys. Photographer Maks is a wonderful professional. We were on excursion and photo shoot on Saona Island, the impressions remained for a lifetime. Thank you very much 🙂

November 11, 2021 Kate & Matthew

Photo shoot on Bounty Beach

We just got back from a photo shoot and I love it!! I can only recommend this company. Of course, we will receive the photos in a couple of weeks, but I will be looking forward to it and I am more than sure that this will be the most beautiful family photo shoot. Maks is a very pleasant guy, he knows how to win friends, he always suggest how to shoot the best, how to make poses, suggest if something is wrong somewhere, gets along well with children, immediately asks what you would like from a photo shoot, if you ask for any certain shots, he gladly takes them.
Now I regret that I did not book a photo shoot on Saona. But it’s okay, there will be a reason to return to the Dominican Republic.
Guys, thank you so much for your work. You are awesome!!!

September 6, 2021 Yana & Paul

Photo shoot on Saona Island
Фотограф в Доминикане отзывы

We went to a photo shoot on Saona Island with photographer Maks! I liked everything very much! Photos are wonderful!!!

It was not just a photo shoot, but a whole unforgettable journey with a complete immersion in the local flavor!!! Very interesting, prompt and always in a great mood 🙂 Photographer Maks is a big professional, and also a cool guide, he told us everything about the Dominican Republic 🙂

In general, we recommend this company to everyone! We are really happy!!!

September 1, 2021 Marina & Andrew

Wedding on Bounty Beach
Свадьба в Доминикане отзывы

Big fellows!!!! Our wedding was unforgettable. We are very glad that we chose you!

Cheerful and professional photographer Maks Klever, pleasant wedding officiant and her assistant. And of course, Kiryll, who was with us 24/7 in all matters, with whom we discussed the wedding, ordered excursions (they are also great), and a transfer to a souvenir shop. My husband asked if he is sleeping at all 🙂  He coordinates everything, a professional in his field. And the girls Yana and Katya, who did make-up and hair like fairies, quickly, cool. So many emotions so far!

If we go to the Dominican Republic again, photo shoots and excursions we will make only with you!

July 14, 2021 Igor & Natali

Wedding on Saona Island
Свадьба в Доминикане отзывы

I wanted to surprise my future wife and hold a wedding ceremony on Saona Island, so I met this wonderful guys 🙂 Starting from the meeting at the hotel and ending with the wedding ceremony itself, everything was at the highest level!
Very nice and knowledgeable guys. We just got a lot of emotions during the photo shoot and simply unforgettable impressions from the ceremony itself. Such things are not forgotten!
I liked that communication by telephone was perfect and all questions were always answered without delay. The price and the quality is on the best level!
Who wants to get a lot of beautiful photos, like from a postcard and bring bright colors to their marriage – I highly advise Bounty Vacation company!

March 16, 2021 Yana, Oleg, Lucas, Eric & Yunona

Photo shoot on Bounty Beach
Семейная фотосессия в Доминикане отзывы

My family had photoshoot with Bounty Moments.

We really enjoyed working with Maks. He is a real professional, he is very friendly and accommodating, it is easy to communicate with him. The whole process of shooting was very easy and relaxed. The photos that we got are very lively and real.

We are very happy with the result and will definitely recommend Maks to our friends!

March 7, 2021 Andrew & Alexandra

Wedding on Bounty Beach
Свадьба Доминикана отзывы

Very cool guys!

Before flying to the Dominican Republic, we ordered a wedding ceremony with them, they sent us options for how the ceremony venue would be decorated (arch, flowers, venue area). Before the ceremony, we met with the photographer and discussed the details. For an additional price, we took the services of a stylist and a cool car for a photo shoot.

Everything went exactly as we wanted, we are very pleased with the result. We also booked an excursion and it went great.

I recommend this company, you will definitely not regret it!

January 21, 2021 Tatyana, Paul and Vova

Photo shoot on Bavaro Beach
Фотосессия в Доминикане отзывы

Great guys, real professionals!

Service is top notch. Picked us up, took to the place of shooting, brought back. I am grateful for the opportunity to reschedule the photo shoot – there was bad weather on the planned date, they rescheduled it without any problems.

The quality of photos and videos is on top! We were photographed and filmed by Maks – a very creative person: he takes photos and videos, draws, writes music.

We’ll be back – we’ll definitely see you again. Thanks a lot!

March 20, David & Gayane

Photo shoot on Bounty Beach
Фотограф в Доминикане Отзывы Bounty Vacation

Who else does not know who to go to for a photo shoot in the Dominican Republic? Do not hesitate to choose these cool guys! Maks Klever – the best photographer in the Dominican Republic and reviews immediately make it clear!

We first met our photographer Maks in 2016 and were excited to meet again in 2020! My husband is not a fan of photo shoots, but agreed only on the condition that it would be Maks 🙂 It is very easy to work with him!

Kiryll was always in touch and answered any questions we had.

Of course, the year was not easy for everyone, due to the pandemic, but when you look through these sunny, bright shots, all the problems are immediately forgotten and a smile appears on your face! Thank you guys for this!

February 9, 2020 Dmitriy & Nelli

Photo tour in Puerto Plata
Фотосессия в Пуэрто Плата отзывы Bounty Vacation
Фотограф в Доминикане отзывы Пуэрто Плата Bounty Vacation

Many thanks to the Bounty Moments team for organizing, advice and assistance in the wedding photo shoot! Special thanks to Maks Klever and Kiryll Levin!

Maks Klever – the best photographer in the Dominican Republic, reviews speak for themselves!

I think many people understand that a competent professional photo shoot is worth a lot of work, energy and of course positive, where endurance is needed both for the photographer and the participants in this “race”.

My wife and I started negotiating about a photo shoot and other things even before flying to a hot country. We discussed the approximate date of the event, photographer, images, etc.

Our photoshoot took place in Puerto Plata (+ nearby locations). Photographer Maks met us with great energy and positive. Throughout the day, he helped with the right angles, advised where it was better and how, always encouraged and led not boring dialogues. We can say that we were in the hands of a Professional!

In addition to the photo shoot, we had an excellent tour, where Maks willingly shared information about all locations, about the Dominicans themselves, etc.

Thank you for your professionalism, emotions and positivity! Recommend to everyone, you won’t regret it!

January 24, 2020 Igor & Victoria

Wedding on El Limon Beach

We want to say a huge thank you for organizing our Wedding Anniversary! We wanted to do just a photo shoot for memory, but we got a real wedding and a lot of positive emotions!
Thanks to Kiryll, who patiently answered many questions and was in touch around the clock!
Special thanks to Igor and Natalia for the wonderful decoration. Natalia understood the wishes in the design of the arch and the bouquet perfectly. Everything was exactly as I imagined in my dreams!
Maks is a true professional! The photos are so bright, lively, filled with positive emotions, and not just staged.
If you want to capture the best moments of your life, don’t even hesitate, contact Bounty Moments!
Guys, thank you! Good luck, prosperity and many grateful customers! You really deserve it!

December 3, 2019 Valentina & Alex

Photo shoot on Saona Island
Фотограф в Доминикане отзывы Bounty Vacation

I want to thank Bounty Moments for our wedding photo shoot!

Kiryll organized everything, it was difficult at first to decide on the location, but he explained everything, told, advised, special thanks for this, he also answered all our questions. Thank you so much Maks!!! A big professional! Thanks to him, our trip to Saona was AMAZING!!! Pleasant in communication, he told a lot of interesting things about the country. The photo shoot was held in a relaxed atmosphere, Maks suggested what position to take, we felt very comfortable with him. We had 2 locations on the island, heavenly beauty everywhere. We arrived early, there were no people, no one interfered. Photos received without delay. Photos are lively, beautiful, bright, and this is the most important thing!!! We wish your company prosperity and good customers! You are awesome guys!! Keep it up!!!

October 7, 2019 Oksana & Evgeniy

Photo shoot on Macao Beach

I chose a photographer for a photo shoot for a long time. I reviewed a million photos and finally chose this guys. The photo shoot was fun! My husband liked being photographed for the first time, because there were clear instructions from Maks on how to pose better! I managed to take a photo not only in wedding dresses, but also in swimsuits. If I had known this, I would have prepared a couple more looks 🙂

The photos turned out magical. This is exactly what I was dreaming about!

We also bought excursions through the guys, having monitored several agencies, they turned out to have the most interesting prices. I was completely delighted with all the excursions!

September 1, 2019 Anastasia & Alexander

Wedding on Macao Beach

We want to express our deep gratitude to your team for such wonderful emotions that we experienced during the wedding ceremony and photo shoot. It’s good when there are people who try so hard to make this happy dreams cone true.

We had a ceremony scheduled for a certain date, but due to the worsening weather, it had to be postponed several times, which upset us, but the guys kept in touch all this time and subsequently made everything perfect.

Kiryll, Maxim, Igor and Arina, thank you so much for your work. It was the most wonderful moment that will remain in memory for a long time. You are the best!!!

August 10, 2019 Elina & Vyacheslav

Photo shoot on Saona Island

Many thanks for the photos! So many emotions!!! After watching, it feels like it was yesterday!

We thank Kiryll for all the coordination and help with our shooting!
Special thanks to Maks, he is the best photographer in the Dominican Republic, the reviews immediately make it clear! It was not just a shooting, but also a small trip! We are very glad that we chose you, we wish you creative success, professional growth, good clients, and always a sunny mood!
You are best!

April 25, 2019 Vlada & Michael

Wedding on Bounty Beach

Wedding in the Dominican Republic? Definitely YES!!!
Throughout their lives, starting from an early age, every girl has a dream, and 80% of them – to get married in a heavenly place!
It was the same with me, just think about it ….. The ocean beats waves to the snow-white beach, palm trees flutter under the warm Dominican wind and create a pleasant shade from the scorching sun. The place like desert island where is only you!!!

I am almost 100% sure that the majority, after reading these lines, will think about the trip and creating a ceremony just for two. After all, it is not necessary to get married, you can celebrate the anniversary of your relationship and make a new round of Love for each other, you can create just a romantic evening. Do not skimp on your emotions!!!

Kiryll, you are an incredible professional! You have created our day so competently that it still gives us goosebumps. I thank my husband every day for our fairy tale!! After all, it was him who insisted on the Wedding ceremony, and you organized it so skillfully and competently!

April 10, 2019 Anastasia & Artem

Photo shoot in Puerto Plata

Kiryll, you and your team are professionals!
Kiryll is always in touch to resolve any issues, he discusses everything in advance and in detail, he does not leave a single question unattended!
Special thanks to our photographer Nadia – a very positive person! At the meeting she was on time, without delay, photographing was not something boring, everything went in one breath!

When we received the pictures, we simply could not find words to express our delight! All photos are live, there are no blurry “settings”, color correction and retouch is unreal! No masks and smeared faces, everything is very natural and gentle!
Thank you for your hard work and warm welcome!

January 14, 2019 Olga & Evgeniy

Photo shoot on Saona Island

It’s time for us to write a review.
I was looking for a photographer for a long time, it all started in January 2018, but in March the trip fell through and it turned out that we flew in December and, accordingly, resumed the search in October. I watched groups, pages, reviewed many companies, wrote them… But alas, some kind of ignore in response, they answered without any interest, and at weekly intervals ….
And then a miracle – Kiryll wrote to me! He told everything in detail, explained everything, gave advice, sent at Maks’s photo and I really liked them. It turned out that we have friends whom Bounty Vacation already took a photo shoot. Moreover, they recommended them to us right away, but it was already forgotten in the winter …
And so we flew in, met with Maks, it’s impossible not to make friends with this person! Creative, kind, open and always positive!!!
The trip to Saona was interesting, informative and fun, everything was not stressful. The photo shoot was a breeze. The photos turned out great! Thank you very much!
So if you are still looking for a team that organizes everything at the highest level, then consider that you have found it: Kiryll is very responsible, he will control everything, and Maks will make your dream come true 🙂 I am attaching the photos, I just can’t help but brag!

November 4, 2018 Vyacheslav & Alisa

Wedding on Bounty Beach


It was close to our wedding, we were looking for someone to hold our wedding in a sunny country, and we met Kiryll, a very nice person, he listened to all our whims. When we came to the Dominican Republic, Kiryll met with a pleasant text message, then we met with a very positive super cool person Maks, he describe our wedding day, where, how and what will happen. On the appointed date, Maks picked us up from the hotel and our fabulous day began 🙂 Guys, thank you so much for the ceremony, for your work and beauty! Maks you are very cool dude, a big professional in your field, the photos is just great! We can write a lot of warm words, guys, thank you very much to all of you!



Good afternoon, Kiryll, Maks and your entire team. We received our video, but could not find the words for review. We watched our video and admired Maks’s work, he made it just perfect! Classical music, our words with my husband about our love, and the feelings in the video, it’s just perfect! Maks you are a handsome, cheerful positive guy, Kiryll you are a very responsible executive, thank you very much! You guys are super, photos and videos are just gorgeous!!! Whoever reads our review should know that this is true, the guys are just great, they put their whole soul on your wedding, You are the best, you are super, you are great!!!

October 14, 2018 Anastasia

Photo shoot on Saona Island
Фотограф в Доминикане Bounty Vacation
Фотосессия в Доминикане Bounty Vacation

I would like to express my deep gratitude for the professionalism of Bounty Vacation team!
We went to Saona Island with Max for a photo shoot. My friend and I were taken directly from the beach of our hotel. On the way Max told a lot of interesting facts about the Dominican Republic and probably revealed some secrets. We arrived on the island the very first and other tourists appeared only after 1.5 hours. During this time, we calmly took photos on an empty beach and the palm tree was completely for us. We did not stand in a queue to take photos on the famous palm tree, like ordinary tourists from all other companies.

Maxim’s individual approach, his jokes and rum added an ocean of positive emotions !!!! And swimming with the starfish…. It was something amazing! We stayed away from all other excursion groups where they give one star for 50 people. Our captain brought us a lot of stars, there was even a baby no more than 7 cm in size.

The photos are just magical! I will definitely recommend Bounty Vacation to all my friends!
Thank you very much again for your work! You left us unforgettable impressions and photos for a long memory!

September 11, 2018 Anastasia and Alexander

Photo shoot in Puerto Plata

Sending thousands of rays of gratitude to the BOUNTY VACATION! In particular, thanks to Kiryll, for all his organization and “hand on the pulse”, for Nadia, who was pulled to us from Punta Cana, and we also thank Nadia herself for her work, energy and enthusiasm!

To be honest, we did not expect such results – our photos turned out to be truly LIVE and we fell in love with every moment we captured!! The guys did the impossible, and this is actually true, because in Puerto Plata region it is almost impossible to find a photographer, so we turned the entire Internet and all kinds of social networks.

Guys – you are just incredible, thank you for our emotions!!!

August 14, 2018 Regina & Alexander

Wedding on Bounty Beach
Свадьба в Доминикане Bounty Vacation
Свадьба в Доминикане компания Bounty Vacation свадебная церемония в Доминикане

It couldn’t have been better!

1) Everything was taken into account to the every single detail. As for the design of the wedding arch, walkway, and so on. I did not expect that it will come out exactly as I imagined and as we discussed! Many thanks for decorators Igor and Natalia !!

2) We want to say a huge thanks to Kirill (the invisible man) whom you will never see for all the time BUT he is a connecting element of this large family. Thanks to him, we have chosen these guys. Initially, I was attracted by his sociability. More than one question was not left without attention! At any time of the day or night, he was always in touch and answered all our questions a hundred times! it couldn’t have been better.

The most important point is that our wedding in the Dominican Republic was organized within a critical time of 2 days. The guys did not refuse and did it 1000%

3) I could not have imagined a more touching ceremony. Everyone was crying! So many correct words were chosen by the master of ceremonies. And the whole organization is made by one family, which gives a big plus they give all their best. They became our friends 😉

4) My personal “whim” was that I wanted a photo in a certain style of color correction. The guys understood me and found us a photographer who was suitable for us. Thank you very much for that!

5) I really wanted to come to the ceremony separately from the guests and the groom, and Bounty Vacation team organised it. The guests and my husband arrived at the ceremony first and then Max pick me up and comfortably delivered to the beach. By the way, Max is a photographer and actually one of the main organizers of this company. He is a cool and positive person!

6) Musicians !! Without them, a wedding in the Dominican Republic would be completely different! We took a trio (very fiery and funny guys) and they sang even in Russian. Take the musicians and you will not regret 😉

7) I was very worried where they would take me to do my makeup and hairstyle. I was afraid to get to the locals because our tastes and views with Dominicans are slightly different. But to my surprise, I was brought to the Russian beauty salon to the beautiful Tanya. She is 100% professional. I often do makeup and hair because of my profession and I am often not happy with the result. But Tanya understood me from the first word. By the way, I do not advise anyone with thin hair to make curls. There is almost always wind on the beach and there will be nothing left of your curls.

Thank you guys for such a wonderful day! Our wedding in the Dominican Republic turned out much better than I could have imagined. Now if we are in your area, we know who we will call first!
One love!

May 14, 2018 Julia and Ilya

Photo shoot on Saona Island

It seems there is not a single person in my environment who I would not tell about these guys! I have not yet found all my admiring epithets to convey all my gratitude to the photographer Maks, he opened the Dominican Republic for us, organized a tour and captured our emotions.

My heart rejoices, which means that in the sunny country there are professional people who know how to materialize a fairy tale into reality.

Thank you guys for making magic.

February 24, 2018 Malasaev Family

Photo shoot on Saona Island

We finally received photos from our photo shoot on Saona Island. There are a lot of photos, so I will show only a part of them 🙂 Many thanks to Maks Klever for the insanely beautiful photos and the most interesting tour! If you want an individual trip to the Dominican paradise island, arrive before all tourists, leave later than everyone else, touch the stars, eat lobsters, dive with starfish and take a boat ride through the mangroves – then welcome to the @max_klever_photo account on Instagram and www.bountyvacation.com


Thank you very much to you, and especially to Maks, for the trip and the photo shoot on Saona! We were in the Dominican Republic at the end of January, and emotions are still overflowing !!! It was an incredible adventure for our family, led by Maks. We arrived on the island the very first one, for several hours the island belonged only to us, we were the last to leave the island, and in the continuation of the trip – starfish, feeding fish and seagulls, traveling through the mangroves – all this is unreal it’s just that we and our one-year-old child were simply delighted with everything, and especially with Maks 🙂 The photos exceeded all our expectations!!! thank you for the memory and the fact that we looked at this place and fell in love with it, there can be no more individual and cooler approach!

February 7, 2018 Jastina & Nick

Wedding on Bounty Beach

I was going to write this review for a long time, not because I didn’t know what to say, but because I was afraid not to find my words so as to express all my happiness the way I felt it on the day of the ceremony. To begin with, when planning the trip, I talked with a bunch of companies, and in the end I am happy that I chose the Bounty Vacation. In most cases, I coordinate everything, because my husband is not as picky as I am, so he entrusted all the fuss about the choice of the wedding agency to me 🙂
From the first days I liked Kiryll’s tactful communication and detailed answers to all my questions. It seems that I have already blown his brains out during the discussion of the ceremony, but I was glad that he answered all my misunderstandings. It was nice to deal with Kiryll, it’s a pity we didn’t get to meet him in person. By the way, our correspondence with him lasted for two months before the ceremony. He helped to decide on a photographer, videographer, wedding venue. Also, before the ceremony, I talked with the decorator Victoria – there was an individual approach, she clearly heard all my wishes, and masterfully embodied them.
Upon arrival in the Dominican Republic, we met Kiryll’s colleague Elore – she came to our hotel, answered questions, told how the day of the ceremony would go, and the next day everything was like in a fairy tale. I was picked up from the hotel, taken to make-up, it was important for me that the groom did not wait for me in the beauty salon, and saw me only on the ceremony, so it’s nice that we were brought to the wedding site in different cars. A fabulous beach, a dream arch, a bright sun and an endless ocean – is this not a dream? How the ceremony went – it seems instantly, and the whole day flew by unnoticed, even the husband, who does not like to be photographed, did not have time to get very tired
Photographer Constantine and videographer Maks are great guys, professionals in their field! We are 100 percent satisfied with the final material – photos and videos! It was nice that the materials were given right on time – I didn’t even have time to start worrying about when will be the photos, as Kiryll sent me links to them.

I am happy that our wedding took place in the Caribbean, I am glad that we were able to work with this cool team! And I definitely recommend them! If you suddenly have any questions, feel free to write to me in private messages, I will answer with pleasure!

October 4, 2017 Kate & Rashit

Wedding on Bounty Beach

Having entrusted the organization of our wedding ceremony to the Bounty Vacation team, we got the wedding of our dreams! Our ceremony took place on October 4th, but we started communicating with Bounty Vacation in July. When choosing a provider, we paid attention, first of all, to the portfolio of works, reviews, prices (also the payment scheme) and location options. Bounty Vacation has found the best option for us:
1. We really liked the photos of the photographer Maks Klever – looking at such photos, I want the same for myself 🙂 They are so sunny, bright, unusual and simply beautiful. In companies with higher prices, photos did not hook us so much.
2. Affordable prices: good value for what is included in the package. For additional services, the price is also pleasant.
3. Contact with the manager was very important for us. Many thanks to Kiryll Levin, who was always in touch, answered all our questions in detail and gave recommendations on choosing a location and the date of the ceremony. By the way, it was thanks to Kiryll that we chose the date not immediately upon arrival, as we had planned, but in the middle of our trip. And we are very happy: by this time we were already tanned and rested 🙂

We coordinated all the details of the ceremony with Kiryll by e-mail. After that we were contacted by the decorator Victoria, who was also very attentive to all our wishes – how we want to see the arch, decor, bridal bouquet, etc. Already upon arrival, the coordinator Elore met with us at the hotel, and we had already discussed all the questions in the final. In general, throughout the entire period of preparation, we felt that our ceremony was in good hands 🙂

As a result, it turned out to be a wonderful holiday for us: a beautiful ceremony, an easy and fun photo shoot, and the feeling that we are in paradise 🙂
After the ceremony, we received photos that we were very pleased with!

Thank you very much to the whole team that organized our wedding, we definitely recommend Bounty Vacation as a wedding and photo shoot organizer!

September 17, 2017 Evgeniya & Nikita

Photo shoot on Redonda Mount & El Limon Beach

We would like to thank the Bounty Vacation team for a warm welcome and a wonderful photo shoot on Mount Redonda and El Limon Beach. Amazingly beautiful places!

It seemed to me that my husband and I were so wooden during the photo shoot, because. not used to being photographed at all, but when we saw the photo, we were delighted! Juicy, bright … Many thanks to Maks, you are a professional in your field, helped us with a lot of advices (and we tried to obey them 🙂 )

Thanks to Kiryll and Elore for the excellent coordination, everything is clear, fast, the guys are always in touch. Even despite the fact that due to the hurricane we postponed the photo shoot to later dates, we received the photos before leaving the sunny Dominican Republic, and another huge thank you for such promptness!

Prosperity to your team!

July 26, 2017 Helen and Paul

Photo shoot on Saona Island

What a great photo shoot we had!

After talking with the coordinator Kiryll, we were fired up to hold a photo shoot even more 🙂 He explained everything in detail and clearly about the services, for which I would like to thank him. They have a cool 2 in 1 promotion: tour and photo shoot on Saona Island!

I would like to say a huge thanks to the photographer Maks, the photos turned out to be gorgeous, plus there was an excursion where there were only five of us! There was not a single tourist on the island besides us when we came to Saona. Max is a cool photographer, with his positive and openness he made us just enjoy shooting 🙂 It’s very nice to meet such sincere people in the Dominican Republic

Also a special thanks to the coordinator Elore! From the first meeting we found a common language. You are very cool guys, keep it up!!

June 25, 2017 Marina & Alex

Photo shoot on Saona Island

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the entire Bounty Vacation team and especially to Kiryll and Nadia!!!! You are super!!!!

Long before the holidays in the Dominican Republic, I talked with Kiryll and I couldn’t decide on the place of the photo shoot. Kiryll advised Saona all the time, but somehow I didn’t dare, because I was planning something else. But one day the words of Kiryll, who said that to visit the Dominican Republic and not see Saona, it’s like being in Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower, I was convinced!!! I completely agree Saona is heaven on earth!! This is an unforgettable trip! Kiryll, thank you for convincing me to choose a photo shoot at Saona! We absolutely loved everything! We had time to relax on the island and take magical photos!

I would like to say a special thanks to our photographer Nadia! She is a positive person who creates magical photos in a magical place! Nadia is very pleasant and easy to work with, she is the photographer I dreamed of! It’s a pity that she didn’t shoot our wedding at home. She is a dream photographer, she will tell you where to put your foot, where to put your hand, how to turn your head, and this is so important! Thank you very much !

I wish your team prosperity, success and many, many clients! Now I will recommend you to all my friends! And another very important point, we received the photos quickly, which we were very happy about, because we always want to look at them as soon as possible. In general, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

April 28, 2017 Kate & Kamil

Photo shoot on Saona Island

We want to say a huge thanks to the whole Bounty Vacation team for our superb photo shoot! The magical, sunny Dominican Republic left indescribable emotions, and the trip to Saona Island made our trip simply unforgettable 🙂 For us, this was the first experience of participating in a photo shoot and it was very successful thanks to the master of his craft – Maks. And we also learned a lot of interesting things about the Dominican Republic and Saona in particular. So we had a photo shoot and an excursion in “one bottle”.
We were on the island early and almost alone, until the crowds of excursions arrived and were able to take pictures in a calm mode. Then there was a delicious lunch and of course there was rum throughout the photo shoot, which created a certain mood.

We highly recommend Bounty Vacation to everyone, these guys are great fellows!

February 2, 2017 Svetlana & Andrew

Photo shoot on Saona Island

Huge thanks to the Bounty Vacation agency in the person of Kiryll, Maks and Elore for the excellent photo shoot on Saona Island! We received bright and beautiful photos and a lot of positive emotions! And also a wonderful excursion to the island and swimming with starfish! It was super!! First of all, we liked the conscientious and honest attitude towards the organization, the opportunity to contact you almost at any time and discuss, clarify the points of interest to us: for this, special thanks to Kiryll! Our photo shoot flew by in one breath, fun, relaxed and met all expectations – a lot of pleasant emotions from working with photographer Maks! A big THANK YOU for a wonderful day! It was my birthday and it turned out really special! Everything was great, you are big professionals! The photos turned out amazing! We will definitely return to the Dominican Republic and look forward to meeting again!!! Good luck to you!

October 23, 2016 Anna and Ivan

Wedding on Bounty Beach

My husband and I wanted to express our huge thanks to Bounty Vacation for organizing our wedding ceremony!

Thanks to Kiryll for detailed advice. Elore for organizing and hosting our wedding ceremony. And of course Maks for unreal photos. All our wishes were taken into account. And the ceremony itself was held in such a relaxed atmosphere, as if we had known the guys for a very long time 🙂 We had a lot of fun.

We are very pleased with the result and are happy to share Bounty Vacation contacts with anyone who is interested. You made our dream come true, thank you very much!!!

September 25, 2016 Denis & Natali

Photo shoot on Redonda Mount & El Limon Beach

Hi! I want to express my gratitude to the entire Bounty Vacation team, specially to Kiryll and Maks.

We recently visited the Dominican Republic and decided to order a photo shoot before the holidays. I go to the internet and surf there quite a lot 🙂 I chose Bounty Vacation, because it seemed to me that the photos are the most colorful, they convey the whole spirit of a heavenly place 🙂

Thanks to Kiryll for very competently and friendly supporting my choice to make a photo shoot on Redonda and El Limon Beach. I really liked the friendly, light, pleasant communication.
Well, the main words of gratitude to Maks! Maks, thanks for the great photos, for the pleasant atmosphere of the photo shoot, because I considered myself a complete oak, but it was easy and pleasant with you, not a drop of confusion in choosing the right pose, etc 🙂 Those couple of hours that we rode in a jeep gave us more information from your lips about the Dominican Republic than in 2 weeks of staying in the country and talking with a guides.

I wish you a huge number of customers, and success!

I recommend everyone to call you when they will be on Caribbean! You have far exceeded my expectations!
If we will come to DR one more time, then wait for a visit!

August 14, 2016 Alena & Igor

Wedding on Saona Island

We were one of the many who got to know Maks and the entire Bounty Vacation team. Until the last moment, I had no doubts about their professionalism. I chose them on my own, without recommendations.

Maks, it is very easy and pleasant to work with you, after the first meeting you realize that you are a man of your business and you know what and how to take on, you are very diligent, responsible, accurate, kind and correct. I like it when a person who calls himself a photographer takes everything into his own hands and manages the process of photography himself, I didn’t have to think about anything, but just relax and enjoy, although for me the photo shoot seemed to be one of the most difficult and stressful moments: sometimes the scorching sun burned our bodies, apparently they “appeased the gods” well 😉 Thephoto and video material exceeded all expectations! Thanks for EVERYTHING! You guys made my dream come true!

I am very glad that we chose your company, we wish you creative success, professional growth, good clients, and always a sunny mood!!!! Special thanks to those who took part in our holiday: Kiryll thanks for organizing, Elora for her responsiveness and help with the collection, and thanks to little Sophie for making my mood!

April 16, 2016 Kate & Dima

Wedding on Saona Island

We want to express our deep gratitude to the guys from Bounty Vocation for their wonderful work … we were very worried, because it was necessary to find a photographer in a very short time, but everything went SUUPPEEERR!!!!! We got what we expected – bright and beautiful photos … and, most importantly, a lot of positive emotions!!!
I can say with confidence to everyone who is worried that a husband does not like to be photographed – you don’t have to worry about it, time will fly by unnoticed, a great atmosphere and easy communication are guaranteed to you … well, and a little rum, of course 🙂 I was very pleased with the professionalism and individual approach of the guys from Bounty Vocation – we ordered a color of a wedding arch that was not in the catalogs and everything was as we expected!
Kiryll and Maks, I wish you further prosperity and as many satisfied and grateful customers as possible 🙂 !

March 16, 2016 Julia & Oleg

Wedding on Saona Island

Dear Bounty Vacation Team!
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for organizing one of the most important events in our lives!

First of all, we liked the attitude to the organization of the holiday, the opportunity to contact you almost at any time and discuss the ideas that have appeared, to clarify all nuances. Special thanks to Kiryll for this! He really knows the answers to all questions and is patient with brides who are too nervous at this period of time and do not know what exactly to choose – but with the help of an experienced coordinator, it was possible to avoid unnecessary wedding fuss. Thanks to the organization of the wedding, everything went just fine!

We were in Puerto Plata and the guys had to personally take us to Punta Cana, on the way they had a chic and large-scale excursion, we learned so many new things and I think it would hardly have turned out so interesting and informative if we had separately gone to this area on an excursion with the usual guide. The guys also booked a hotel in Punta Cana for us in advance and in the evening we still had time to look at how the locals live in Bavaro. The next day there was a wedding on the beautiful Saona Island. Photographer Maks Klever is a professional in his field, beautiful and sincere photos turned out. Thanks Nelli for hosting the wedding, she was my personal assistant. This day was unforgettable! Everything that was planned by us was implemented! The wedding was truly magical! The guys are really great! It seems that these are not wedding photos – but full-fledged postcards, thank you!!! The next morning, Kiryll organized a purely masculine excursion for my husband – fishing in the open ocean. His emotions were running high when he returned!!

Bounty Vacation is a wonderful professional team! Thank you for the joy you have given us. This is happiness that we will keep for many, many years! We will recommend you to all our friends and family!
We are lucky to have you!!!

February 20, 2016 Svetlana & Paul

Photo shoot on Bounty Beach

I would like to share my impressions of the family photo shoot on Bounty Beach!
A photo shoot is a great way to capture, mainly, the state of mind! It is very important that at this moment you are surrounded by creative people with professional skills, which is what the Bounty Vacation team is! Our photo shoot flew by in one breath, fun, liberated and met our expectations – we got a lot of pleasant emotions from working with a mega-cool photographer Maks!
Success is when there is mutual understanding. It’s like being in love! No words needed. Just look for YOUR photographer! And we found it 🙂
The result really surprised me! I already envied myself! Gorgeous work! This is a great skill to make such amazing shots of our fidget daughter 🙂 Everything is so beautiful and interesting that I want to repeat it again!
It’s cool to work with kind and creative people like you!
And to everyone who is still thinking about whether to work with Bounty Vacation, I want to advise you to stop thinking, but rather treat yourself to such a bright photo shoot as ours.

December 5, 2015 Tatyana & Victor

Wedding on Saona Island

Фотограф в Доминикане отзывы

We would like to express our deep gratitude for turning the happiest day of our lives into a fairy tale!! Thank you for the beauty that you have created for us, for the friendly environment, for the fun, for the wonderful memories for a lifetime!!!!

The organization of the ceremony was top notch! Insanely beautiful beach and decor. The photos are just great!! We are completely delighted with both the photos and the ceremony itself !! The Dominican Republic is a paradise that you want to return to again and again… And we will definitely return!!! The dream has become a reality and all thanks to your wonderful team!

Give people joy, make dreams come true. Good luck and prosperity! Once again, thank you very much! You are super!!!

September 20, 2015, Alesya & Alexander

Wedding on Bounty Beach

Фотограф в Доминикане отзывы

I agree with all the great reviews here!

Bounty Vacation Agency organized our wedding ceremony, I was pleasantly surprised, they exceeded all our expectations!!! Huge thanks guys!!!

Every bride has a lot of questions (which bouquet to choose, what decor, make-up artists, hairdresser, etc.). The manager Kiryll dispelled all the questions that arose, he consulted in detail, incredibly beautiful places were offered, a large selection of arch decor, the bride’s bouquet … it is possible to implement your ideas, professional makeup artist and hairdresser, cakes, flowers …. everything is perfect down to the smallest detail.

Insanely beautiful, smiling host of the ceremony – Nelli, she supports and creates a pleasant environment.

And of course special thanks to the photographer Maks!!! He is truly a professional in his field. Photos, videos are sooooo cool, incredibly beautiful, bright and most importantly high-quality and emotional. An individual approach to each couple, and by the way we had two couples, the photos are completely different. He is incredibly easy to work with.

We had a great time, the most pleasant memories remain. I am grateful to all of you, you are not just professionals in your field, you are cheerful, energetic, nice guys!!! You create a holiday for people, give happy emotions!!!

Good luck in your work, in all your endeavors!!!

August 23, 2015 John & Marina

Photo shoot on Saona Island
Фотограф в Доминикане отзывы

Guys, Kiryll and Maks, we want to express our deep gratitude to you for organizing our photo shoot and excursion to Saona Island!

It was very cool!! You told a lot of interesting information, created a relaxed atmosphere, showed everything that we wanted. We had a lot of fun with you!

The photographer Maks is a real pro, we can felt it right away, especially when we saw our FANTASTIC PHOTOS!!!

Once again THANK YOU and good luck in your business, you create a holiday and make the mood wonderful!!!!

June 26, 2015 Maksim & Valeri

Photo shoot in Cap Cana

Фотограф в Доминикане отзывы

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Maks!
We received not only beautiful photos, but also an informative excursion about the Land of Eternal Summer!
Oooh, and working with Maks is a pleasure!
In advance he offered different shooting locations (and this is so important for those who are visiting an unfamiliar country for the first time), everything was agreed with us in advance, everything was clearly and planned!
Moreover, a separate respect for Maks’s endurance and tact: clients are different, and in such exciting moments, they can behave inappropriately. Special thanks for taking the time and always being available to answer all of our many questions.
The choice of photography fell on the City of Millionaires (Cap Cana) and the beautiful Macao Beach.
We did not feel the slightest embarrassment, the photo shoot was easy and comfortable, we did not notice how the sunset came 🙂
It’s beautiful on Macao…
By the way, we did not expect that we would have photos before departure!
We would like to thank you for your excellent work!
You are a talented Photographer, you know how to catch a frame. The photos turned out not only of high quality, but also very beautiful, tender, alive, the hand of the master is visible!
You managed to capture all the most beautiful feelings, emotions, the most touching and romantic, funny, joyful and exciting moments!
Thanks again for the amazing photos!!! For bringing us back to “our Dominican fairy tale”!
For being able to “catch” and preserve the happy moments of such an important day for us!
The photos turned out amazing!
We will definitely return to the Dominican Republic and look forward to meeting again!!!
YOU and your family must come to us in Kharkov, Ukraine!
We wish you and your team creative success, prosperity, and love!
P.S. Atencion! Brides and grooms, couples, families and more!
Anyone who is planning a wedding, photo shoot, excursions in this heavenly place – we recommend contacting Maks Klever!